Impulsa2, software reseller in Barcelona


Impulsa2 ofrece a sus clientes servicios de consultoría e integración de software dedicados al trato del cliente.  Les ayudamos aumentar sus ventas; reducir sus costes; mejorar su servicio, y conseguir una ventaja competitiva en sus mercados.

Impulsa2 sirve a toda la península ibérica desde Barcelona. Los directivos tienen largos años de experiencia tanto en el sector del software como en el mercado español.


Are you ready to sell your software in Spain?

Impulsa2 is a sales and consulting company that specialises in bringing software solutions to the Spanish marketplace as a Value Added Reseller and Services Partner. We are certified partners of Nimble sCRM and BrandChats Social Intelligence software.

Our value proposition is based on helping enterprises achieve higher levels of customer acquisition, retention and loyalty through the improved sales and service processes that accompany a Social Business philosophy.

We serve the Iberian peninsula from Spain’s most dynamic commercial city, Barcelona.  If you’d like to do business here it might be worthwhile contacting us.  The English-speaking management team has many years of experience in both the global software industry and the Spanish marketplace.


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